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We’re building secure Access Button at public library websites, for books Accessibility.

When a needed book is not available from a library in Accessible format, tap Œapp &
the secure Access Button at a book’s HYBRID cover (at web site’s image/at a paper book)
- the book will be on-demand printed near a library patron’s home, FREE home-delivered.

IndiviDUALbook is our main product.
Also called OpenEuropeBook, ŒBœk™, oeBook.

ŒBœks™ is our service,

that includes seamless adjusting a book to the underserved user need & issue,

like dyslexia & other Visual Impairment issues, lack of assortment of books in user's mother language etc.

- for Triple-A quality of Learning books: Accessible, Available, Affordable

- that streamlines all existing book business models into the most cost-effective one.

It is B2B2C service for mass dissemination of best digital practices in ETHICAL way, watch video.
To achieve this, we redesigned Learning books life cycle for circular & data economy;
and we added MyData Global (non-profit) Label-Button, the secure interface to human-centric digital services.
Spin-off / side effect: 1click-accessing internet via IndiviDUALbooks' Edge AI, at the 'last mile' 

could help to transform digital assets manufacturing & consumption by reducing, or even reversing, internet's environmental impactData’s CO² footprint is double of aviation’s.

On-demand printed at the Last Mile, directly home delivered from a local printer & door-hanged, thus eliminating retail and cutting library costs
oeBooks provide FOR FREE the unique, user&context-adjusted Open Access content. More here.
It is two-in-one product:
- plus digital twins
- delivered at user chosen Form factor: paper, audio, eBooks, braille
- via intuitive one-gesture-API, to widespread Inclusion & Equality of Access to Learning
- for under-served people
- like Visually Impaired People/VIP, elderly, low income, immigrants.
œBooks increase Knowledge circulation & Copyright royalty flows, with less CO² footprint, than legacy ebooks & paper books.
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WHY is it important to access THAT one book / library event, I need in THIS moment of my life HERE?

WHY & HOW of The New Normal: legacy book Minority Report. WHAT cures Learning Inequality?                                        

Human-centric Hybrid Bœk for Hybrid Library: crowd-scanned, local-printed, Piggy-Baggy2home

There are dozens of issues - like ineffective learning, exclusion, digital divide - caused by the legacy library systems, built 1500 years ago in a provider-centric way, for rare books & geo-divided society.

Main issue: non-user-centric SERVICE DESIGN can’t fulfill the core library service use, Public Good: KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCES, that I need, NOW, in Triple-A quality - Accessible, Affordable, FAIR.

HOW to bring the library in accordance with to-date digital era presumption: information/UX (book content/event) is always web-click-away? WHO holds the key to the library services development?

Let’s start with e-book’s content, then watch if UX/paper book content ‘web-click-away’ follow suit.

Researches on non-availability of e-content from library & archives (thanks OpenGLAM community), librarians interviews - show WHY are they (are they?) developments averse, & WHO prevents access

-          Publishers - like any (information) gate-keeper – tend to limit the information access, in order to monetize their gate-keeper privileges. Have WE / myself authorized them to keep the key to progress of Education, Learning, Accessibility? OpenAccess can tell this story.

-          A publisher – like every capitalist – needs to grow their business. Are we / myself interested that publisher business grows? Or are we interested that the library service quality grows?

-          HOW should a master behave, when his/her (robotic) servant degrades or doesn’t develop the service quality? The answer is clear, we’d replace the servant or fix the robot’s output.

It would take too long to replace the publishers/gate keepers’ business as the US gov’t tries (shows?)

In my opinion, we should try to agile-innovate it: A/B test the US, SurCap vs the EU way, bottoms-up.

HOW to do it the EU way: by turning it down from head-to-roots - to user-centric, bottoms-up built.

I belong to MyData Global (non-profit) experts’ & activists’ community; my expertise is in printing business / personalised paper documents business models development.

I will combine grassroots approach with the latest achievements of for-profit technologies of DUAL (paper & e-) book printing

-          to make any book accessible, affordable, via FAIR data processing, non-rival data economy

-          in Project Teams: ŒBœks™ (Project 1) and Nordic Library+ Network, F¡NDS™ (Project 2)

-          leveraging Public-Private-People partnership, data cooperative model for our F¡NDS engine.

HOW to start it agile way: 1. Agree on definitions. ‘A book’ & ‘digitalisation4All’ serve good & evil.

We need ‘My book’ & ‘My digitalisation’ patterns, for Public Good & for my individual benefits.

Logically, we need to define 1.1 ‘Common goods’ & 1.2 ‘My benefits’. 1.1 see Wikipedia 1.2 MyData.

If we agreed on ‘Knowledge’ = ‘Common Good’ > can we invent ‘Library ŒBœks’ = ‘Common Goods’?

Logically, from the latest science studies: ‘Common Goods’ need PPPP, data coop, NON-RIVAL data economy;

MyData approach > Self-Sovereign ID, Disposable Yet Official ID, Right2Service authenticity vs ID/PDS

For PDS, Personal Data Storage safe functions, see MyData Operators, IT best practices: Edge AI etc.

WHAT: we’ll start by ŒBœks & F¡NDS trials (events, website UX) at prospect customers, libraries.

ŒBœks™. MVP_2clicks mock-up library web Button: e-book, 2Dcode & paper letter, home delivered

Collaborate_UpCode > Enisoft > HELMET FIN Library (Vantaa, Oodi, Aalto Uni) > Otava/Archive > Riso

F¡NDS. MVP_mock-up library website functions trials / demo.                                                      

Collaborate_Website Software (Swedish?) provider > Events Software provider > (-ies).





Good News from Finland's Irish intern, Aisling Mc Ginn (left), enjoying the Piggy Baggy service.


Œ-card/letter order form.

How it works: click at photo - see video at 30. sec.

Œ-card: you may even tweet it to your friend. 

To know more: please click here & here

Œ-card/letter Contact Form: please click here


Для оплаты - покажи планшету 2D-код карты; см. видео от 40-й сек.: кликни на фото ниже

Акция: ПОДАРИ ДРУГУ билет на метро ("Единую карточку Европы") в один tweet.


Заказывая Œ-card доступ к мобильным платежам "по-европейски" - Вы подтверждаете согласие на звонок Вам из Банка с предложением кредитной карты

Заполните форму заказа ниже ЛАТИНСКИМИ буквами. 

Logically, from the latest science studies: ‘Common Goods’ need PPPP, data coop, NON-RIVAL data economy