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- for Triple-A quality of Learning: Accessible, Available, Affordable.
It is B2B2C service for mass dissemination of best digital practices in ETHICAL way.
To achieve this, we redesigned Learning books life cycle for circular economy,
and we added MyData Global (, non-profit) Label-Button-as-secure-interface to human-centric digital services.
On-demand printed at the Last Mile, directly home delivered by post from a local printer, thus eliminating retail or library costs, oeBooks provide FOR FREE the unique, user&context-adjusted Open Science content.
It is two-in-one product:
- plus digital twins
- delivered at user chosen Form factor: paper, audio, eBooks, braille
- via intuitive one-gesture-API, to widespread Inclusion & Equality of Access to Learning
- for under-served people
- like Visually Impaired People/VIP, elderly, low income, immigrants.
œBooks increase Knowledge circulation & Copyright royalty flows, with less CO² footprint, than legacy ebooks & paper books.
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