Content Management Systems/CMS 

Does your customer behave better if you:

-        reduce your letter content to main statement* / your bill to main figures & images

-        AND add a loyalty gift that improves his life?

We know-how: SMART PAPER™ documents change your customer life to the better & bring you benefits and cost savings.   

We use best available CMS + OUR “Magic bullet”: Œ-card.

Or we just consult YOUR postage costs HUGE reduction.

Your choice: how to make communication SMART™.


*) ISO PDF/UA allows to keep all attachments legally binding, even if they are not visible at first sight: we know-how.

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"My vision for the future of the invoices is Creating X-mas 12 times a year for our customer”.

Thomas Wandahl, Customer&Loyalty director of "3"-telecom, Denmark.

We made this dream true with unique* customer Œ-cards: each month NEW FUN at YOUR invoice -with unique offer targeted for this customer.

* Unique NEW gadget** every month at NEW form of letter (self-mailer instead of envelope) making total letter costs WITH applied Œ-card LESS than enveloped.

** that sells Value Added Services TARGETED according to your unique consumer behaviour.